Our Team

Meet the faces behind such amazing articles. They ensure you receive the best of the best. They individually can make us a difference, imagine stuff they can do as a team.

Jayden Scott - Founder 

Jayden Scott was ruled out as an entrepreneur as he went to Silicon Valley without having any formal degree from any university. He did not even have a lot of work experience.

The only thing that he carried with him was his dreams and passion for this platform. Many investors thought this was just a bubble in Jayden’s head which might burst soon. 

Overcoming all these challenges and prejudice from the industry Jayden has today managed to achieve the heights where he is one of the most respected entrepreneurs globally. 

Even at these levels he still feels very passionately about Best Reddit and says that there’s a lot that he wants to do for the growth of the platform. 

Emma Green - Writer

Emma Green was the first person to join the team and believe in the potential that the platform had. She has never looked back since then and only worked towards the growth of the content on this platform.

Her relentless efforts have led to a huge library of content which is highly focused and specialised. Experts say this is a very rare occurrence whereby someone so young could create such a rich digital resource for the world to access. 

The next big move she is looking out for is revolutionising community interactions that take place on the platform. She feels received potential in this segment whereby users can not only help each other but the whole world at the same time.

She is working on content it becomes part of this community interaction and compliments it rather than becoming a substitution for it. So all the users should watch her next move very closely it might bring you the most unexpected but pleasant surprise.